Britney’s Crotch Takes Web by Storm

I almost feel like I need a shower after writing about this, but now that the Associated Press has covered the story, I feel it has new legitimacy.

Britney at the Teen Choice Awards (AP)When I started this blog earlier this month, some of the copy desk editors at the New Era chided me a bit for my fascination with the Britney SpearsKevin Federline divorce saga.

They asked, “Why is this news?” and “If you’re doing an “Internet life” blog, why are you covering celebrity gossip?”

Granted, those copy editors that question my logic are in the over-40 crowd, and filter through “real news” everyday about war, politics, crime and other serious issues. Celebrity “news” is pretty much drivel to them, and I respect that. It’s cool. I get it.

But, if you look at my blogs’ traffic, most of my site’s visitors have come looking for three celebrity stories: My postings on Michael Richards and his infamous n-word rant at a L.A. comedy club and his subsequent apology, the Paris Hilton-Spears-Lindsay Lohanaxis of evil” in Vegas and my posts about Spears and K-Fed’s divorce.

Or is that now Fed-ex?

So now that the AP is on this story, I feel I can tackle the topic that the Internet and bloggers are abuzz about…

What is Spears thinking flashing her naked crotch around to photographers??!?!?

I mean, seriously!! And FOUR TIMES no less!!

Pink is the New Blog, a very good celeb-watching blog, has been keeping the flash count, and has a very good analysis of the … umm … well, “the situation.”

This whole trend of Brit “forgetting” to wear her undies is starting to be a tad damaging, in their view. Especially since “pelvis flash No. 4″ came while at a gas station. That further enforces her negative “trailer trash” stereotype. (Just watch an episode of the train wreck reality show she did with K-Fed, and you’ll see what I mean.)

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