Is Your PR Only Bringing You 15 Minutes of Fame?

Mark Stevens, best-selling author of “Your Marketing Sucks” (one of my favorite books) wrote a post on his blog about how your public relations efforts can turn out to be a huge disappointment when not aligned with your sales goals. After all the anticipation, all you get is 15 minutes of fame and nothing to show for it. Your photo showing up in the paper may seem great at first, but if the coverage doesn’t drive action, it’s nothing more than just your photo showing up in the paper. Today, businesses and PR firms staying on top of today’s technology (and in-tune with today’s reading habits) are leveraging news SEO, channel sites, and bloggers to push out their message to intended viewers. According to Pew Research Center, the audience for online news has jumped from 2% to 31% of Americans and the audience for nightly network news slipped from 42% to 28%. 75% of journalists search the internet for previous stories on their subject.


One Response to Is Your PR Only Bringing You 15 Minutes of Fame?

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