• The Google/YouTube Come-On (BusinessWeek)
    Google ( GOOG ) and YouTube are dangling nine-figure sums in front of major programming and network players?that is, the Time Warners, News Corp ( NWS )s, and NBC Universals of the world. Google calls these monies licensing fees, according to executives who’ve been involved in the discussions.
  • Should You Go Niche? (WebProNews)
    Faced with the massive amount of competition among anything even remotely general online, it’s no wonder why most SEO consultants (including SEO super stars like Aaron Wall) routinely regurgitate the conventional marketing wisdom of go niche. In fact, lately website owners are taking this to a new level and going extremely niche, creating massive websites to target an extremely narrow subject.
  • THE BEST AMERICAN EROTICA 2007 (Kirkus Reviews)
    Review Date: NOVEMBER 15, 2006 Publisher: Touchstone/Simon & Schuster Pages: 256 Price (paperback): $14 Publication Date: 1/9/2007 ISBN: 0-7432-8962-5 ISBN (paperback): 0-7432-8962-5 Category: FICTION Sexologist Bright’s annual paean to the more physical aspects of love.
  • Podcasting And File Sharing: How The Web Is Transforing Itself – Part V (
    Both podcasting and file-sharing services have become key significant driving forces in the overall new media scenario which is transforming the web. Photo credit: Picpics With the development and advance of recent technologies such as wikis, blogs, podcasting and file sharing this model is challenged and community-driven services are gaining influence rapidly. These new paradigms obliterate the
  • Launches: Social Networking for Grown Ups (PR Web via Yahoo! News)
    New York, NY (PRWeb) November 29, 2006 — A recent report by comScore shows that more than half of MySpace users are over 35 years old.
  • Launches: Social Networking for Grown Ups (PR Web)
    A recent report by comScore shows that more than half of MySpace users are over 35 years old. Is dynamic enough to support teenagers, and generation x? Although teenagers can use MySpace for discussing the latest episode of “The O.C.” and sharing YouTube links, many members of generation x have not found their basic needs matched by the site. (PRWeb Nov 29, 2006) Post
  • NET SENSE: Social Networks Evolving Into Metaphysical Economies (Nasdaq)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) — Over the weekend and through Cyber Monday, while most Americans took advantage of holiday sales, I was busy spending my virtual acorns on virtual stuff for my virtual minihome on Cyworld.
  • WAYN raises $11 million to fuel its expansion (
    The company also shared that Brent Hoberman will join WAYN?s board as chairman in January 2007. Stuart Chapman, partner at Esprit Capital Partners, also joins the board.
  • Fantasy football leagues score big with fans (CNET)
    What used to be the domain of sports fanatics is going mainstream as fantasy sports traffic goes through the roof.
  • Niche Web sites help users click on the right clique (The Plain Dealer)
    The social circles of the Internet, which so often put a premium on how many buddies you have, are starting to get selective. Emboldened by the success of megasites like MySpace and Facebook, niche social networking groups offer connections based on personal tastes and not for friendships’ sake.

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