The Other Guys’ Web Sites have Gold

It’s a human trait to think that we learn the most from our own discipline. If we’re an insurance agent, then we learn the most by reading insurance news and information. If we’re in journalism, we learn the most by reading about journalism. Not always true – as the Internet can quickly teach us.

When we speak to business audiences we often use SpeakerNet News ( as an example of an Internet resource that is far too valuable to be left just to speakers.

By that we mean that virtually any entrepreneur or business can benefit from it. Why would SpeakerNet News be of use to an insurance agent or a small business owner or even a corporate employee? Well think about it, these days most business professionals will be giving a speech or presentation for one reason or another. In addition, SpeakerNet news also has incredible section called “Compilations,” such as the list of “Free or Cheap Meeting Rooms,” something almost everyone is looking for.

A similar site is the Poynter Institute (, a school for journalists in St. Petersburg, Florida. This site is far too valuable to be left just to journalists. Think about it, journalists must be able to find accurate information quickly, so there is a section of the web site devoted to “Web Tips.” Journalists, like speakers, also impart information to their audience (readers) and they face the same challenges that speakers face – such as ethical dilemmas and content creation. Look under “Columns” for regular features like “Talk about Ethics,” “Writing Tools” and “Journalism with a Difference.” That last column is described as “New, fresh and alternative ways to encourage and enhance journalistic storytelling from different perspectives.” Sound like something any of us could use? And, both SpeakerNet and Poynter offer stellar weekly newsletters. If you want to excel in your business, no matter what it is, learn from the best of other professions, not just your own.

Want one more? If you are in sales (and who isn’t these days?) would you think that the newsletter for the National Association of Wholesale-Distributors at would have that much to offer you? Well, Pat Foltz, from Fred Pryor Seminars, swears by it – and she’s not a wholesale-distributor! They have a weekly newsletter called “Spotlight on Sales,” which has topic headings like “Best Practices,” “Management,” “Customer Relations,” “Training and Presentations,” and more.  (To sign up for it, look on the left side of the NAW site for the link to “NAW Smartbrief”)


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