Do We Have Your Attention? – Sales Leads on the Internet

“Science may have found a cure for most maladies; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all- the apathy of human beings.”- Helen Keller

Our job is teaching, training and speaking about Internet search. We get no respect. It’s true, most people move the other way when we come near. We’re used to it. Studies show that most Americans (9 out of 10 of them) feel confident and think they are successful when it comes to searching the Internet. Those same studies, of course, also show that those confident and “successful” searchers are just plain deluded.

Being apathetic about the most revolutionary business resource ever invented (Internet search) is foolish, of course. But being apathetic about the most revolutionary sales resource of all time (Internet search) could cost you your job, your business – or together, could cost Americans our standing in the world economy. In fact, it already has.

I’m not over-exaggerating. You have only to read the bestselling book of the past two years – “The World is Flat”, by Thomas H. Friedman – to be convinced that the Internet has radically altered the world’s competitive playing field. It’s allowing developing countries like China and India to capture more and more American jobs. Tom Peters points out in “Re-Imagine” that “the Internet changes everything.” He describes how our blue collar jobs have already been captured by the developing countries – and how our white collar jobs are in the process of being captured. Do you have a white collar job?

By now, I’m sure you are saying to yourself, “These are world economic forces at work. I can’t do anything about them.” While you are probably right that you won’t change the course of the world’s economies, you can radically change the course of your own. By learning more about this most powerful business and sales resource – Internet search – you can take advantage of “the Flat World” and revolutionize your business or your career.

And, you can take even more advantage because 9 out of 10 of your competitors are complacent, apathetic or demoralized. They simply are not paying attention. In the article below – Searching for Sales Tips – we tell briefly about just a few of the many Hidden Sales Treasures of the Internet.

But, weren’t we talking about sales? Consider this – Selling Power magazine is probably the most important sales training magazine in America. Gracing its cover over the past year have been such super sales people as Clint Eastwood, Lance Armstrong, Colin Powell and Jay Leno. This magazine (and web site – is a wonderful sales resource, but that doesn’t mean they might not have a blind spot. Here’s an exercise you can’t do at home unless you are a subscriber, so you’ll have to trust me. A search done from the Selling Power web site will return only 17 results for the word “Internet.” No respect. Without going in to detail, do you think it’s reasonable that there might only be 17 ways that the Internet can help your company’s sales – or help you as a sales person? Like we said, there is no cure for apathy. Have the developing countries found a way to put the Internet to use for them? Just read “The World is Flat” for the answer to that question.

(Free Tip – no charge: By the way, it’s much easier, not to mention more accurate, to do this same search from Google, using the tips we told you about in the Google Tips section of this blog. You can search all of Selling Power magazine by entering these words into Google – internet – and you’ll not only correctly see 122 references to the word Internet – you won’t have to have a Selling Power password to access the articles!)

As I said, our job is teaching, training and speaking about the power of Internet search to change businesses, careers and lives. George Carlin has pointed out that “Modern science did find a cure for apathy, but there was very little interest.”

Do we have yours?


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